8 maart 2024 bestaan wij 25 jaar. Lees hier over ons bedrijf..

25 jaar! Over Ons


The company continued to grow, and the building in the old center became far too small. That is why the company moved to the current building on Slootweg in Schoonhoven. The company was completely independent and the name was changed to Herens & Herens, after both Mees & Marrie, but also the two generations of Herens within the company.

We had to say goodbye to our dear husband and father Mees. That was not easy, but we decided to put our shoulders to the wheel and continue with Herens & Herens.
Today the company is run by Marrie, Liesbeth and Anne Herens.

While most customers used to come to us and order a few packages per day by telephone, more and more were sent by post.
An online shop was created. In the beginning we walked to the post office with the packages, then we went by car.

Our team grew bigger. Nowadays we work with an enthusiastic team. Because almost everyone also works behind the workbench as a goldsmith, our love for goldsmithing is great and we enjoy working with great pleasure.

The webshop became more beautiful and modern, and now we ship throughout Europe.

Everything has become more efficient, but we think it is important that the core of our company remains the same as it once started: being ready for our customers. A cup of coffee, advice or a short pep talk to the students. That is what makes our company unique.


A collaboration was set up with supplier Schmalz from Pforzheim, a building was found and a lot of work was done.

Herens & Schmalz opened its doors there in the Lopikerstraat. The first week it looked more like a flower shop, because the showroom was full of bouquets from all relations who wished Mees and Marrie good luck and were happy that supplies were for sale in Schoonhoven again.

Because the Vakschool is located in Schoonhoven, many students also came to visit. The bond with the Vakschool and the students has always been very nice. There were times when Mees came to demonstrate new equipment at school, when the new students were welcomed to us on their tour of the city, or when, after ruining a piece of work, the jar of licorice in combination with Mees's encouraging words, students were full again. left the door in good spirits.

Daughter Liesbeth started working within the company, and in addition to her training at the Vocational School, daughter Anne increasingly helped out in her spare hours.



A purebred Schoonhovenaar. As a young boy he already went around the Silver City, helping his father at the painting company.

He worked at Drijfhout in Amsterdam, and later he ran the Schoonhoven branch together with his colleague Ton. When this branch suddenly closed, he made a decision together with his wife Marrie. Because the love for Schoonhoven, the goldsmith's trade and all customers was too great to have to say goodbye.

Happy to have a chat, always willing to help, and his cheerful attitude ensured that the store was often called "Mees". We still see shopping notes with his name written above them.


Here you see a photo of silversmith Piet Heerens, who is known for his floating work. He could create beautiful shapes from silver plate. Tip: His frog bowls, on which a frog was conjured up on a lily pad, can still be admired in the Edelambachtshuys on the harbour.

And even further back; P. Heerens. The story goes that he made this bird from melted down silver coins.
Unfortunately, the photos do not go much further, but it can be found that our ancestor Abraham Heerens, born in 1708, already worked as a silversmith in Schoonhoven. Special, right!?


We are Herens & Herens. The fact that we, as a family business, supply supplies to goldsmiths is no coincidence, because did you know that the Herens family has been associated with goldsmiths for generations? So long that we are the family with the most generations of blacksmiths in our beautiful Silver City. We are secretly quite proud of that.

That is why we are happy to tell you a little more about us and the company here