Sievert complete torch set "Big"

Sievert torch set with different torch heads and pipes, making this set ideal for soldering and casting.

SKU: 243913

Weight: 0.00000 Gram

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Sievert torch set with extra large burner head and extra long pipe, perfect for melting and casting.

This set contains:

  • Handpiece 3486
  • Swivel ready hose
  • pressure regulator
  • pipe 3511, head 3939, head 3941, extra long pipe 243509 and large head 2942,
  • soldering pin titanium 24794

This hose can swivel at the connections, making it pleasant to work with. The hose has no expiry date, but an average lifespan of 5 years is recommended by the manufacturer. Always check with your insurance whether they have any other requirements. It is important to regularly check that the hose does not become cracked or wrinkled.

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