Polishing machine with extraction - H&H

Polishing machine with extraction and a powerful motor. Perfect for those who follow a goldsmithing course and want to polish at home.

SKU: 21055

Weight: 12.00000 Kilo

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  • 400 watts
  • Adjustable speed up to 10,000 rpm.
  • 41x34x54cm.
  • With lighting.

Advice on mops:

  • 100mm diameter or smaller works well (120mm maximum)
  • Ring cone 21302 fits, the other ring cones are too long.

Comes with two mops and a spare set of filters. Not suitable for professional use.

Deviates slightly from photo: instead of 1 extractor there are 2 (1 behind each spindle)

You receive an adapter to plug into the ventilation system. The other end of the adapter is plugged into the hood of the machine on the right side, below the on-/ off button. The other cable is also plugged in on the right side of the hood. The other end is plugged into the outlet.

Turning the machine on and off
Important: always use the following instructions.

  • On: turn on the switch on the left side of the polishing machine. Then turn the rotary knob to determine the rpm.
  • Off: dial down the rotary knob until you hear it click. The polishing wheel stops spinning. Then turn off the switch on the left side of the machine.

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