Sievert complete torch set + gas tank

Complete torch set, including a gas tank (empty)

SKU: 243912

Weight: 0.00000 Gram

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This complete set contains:

  • a sturdy 0.42 kg gas bottle (empty) with hook to hang your torch set.
  • A 2 bar pressure regulator with hose rupture valve (extra safe)
  • Handle
  • Rotating hose
  • Pipe, head 3941, head 3939 & soldering pen titanium 24794 / tweezer. Loose heads can also be ordered.
    This hose can swivel at the connections, making it pleasant to work with. The hose has no expiry date, but an average lifespan of 5 years is recommended by the manufacturer. Always check with your insurance whether they have any other requirements. It is important to regularly check that the hose does not become cracked or wrinkled.
    The connection from the pressure valve to the gas tank differs from the most common connection of gas bottles.

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